TV channels from all over the world right at the tip of your fingers


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BABEL-TV is an awesome app that lets you watch your favorite TV channels from your country in real time—and browse the channels from broadcasters all over the world.

This app is perfect for long trips or boring waiting times at the doctor’s office. BABEL-TV offers you any TV channel in the world, in real-time and right on your smartphone. Just click on the country that you’d like to visit and enjoy their broadcasting. Although this characteristic is pretty amazing, the app offers you so much more. Its interactive menus are organized by themes so you can watch movies or your favorite shows with no additional payments, there’s no trick! Simply click on the title you’re interested in and it’ll start playing seconds after.

Whether you’re out camping with your friends, in your car or at home, BABEL-TV is the perfect entertainment for those dead hours of the day when there’s nothing to do.
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